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Hello all!

Thank You all guys for interesting with my work and lots of emails.
Many of You are asking about diffrent type of jobs, not mentioning facebook.
It is very hard for me to answer to all.
Im totally loaded with production for Sinners airguns For Maurice Drummen, Stutzen stocks for HW77 for BlackPool Air Rifles and propably Bullpups for Kalibrgun Cricket, propably until the winter time 2014.
So Im not taking indywidual orders until situation will be clear.
Family also is grown bigger- much more duties at home.

Also I invite You to join my facbook LP Gunstocks fan page.
It is updated quite frequently as it is more fluent, simple and I can be with You online.
There are few new models which wasn't shown here, couple diffrent jobs and infos.
So once again- I invite You there.

kindest regards and sorry about feedback issues.
Lukas Parsley
LP Stock Oil kit at The RAT Works amd Solware Tamworth UK

Happy to share news that LP Stock Oil Kits are avilable to order at:
follow info about them on facebook too- they made small avalanche :)

Ask at The RAT Works UK for avilability- news and review soon!

Ask at Solware Tamworth UK news for review soon!

Follow also Maurice Drummen & Zn. in Netherlands - online shop for avilability!

Ask at Black Pool Air Rifles in UK! Check their online shop for avilability!

Ask at in Poland! Check their online shop for avilability!
(Zestaw dostępny na

Ask at Strzelec in Poland! Check their online shop for avilability!
(Zestaw dostępny w sklepie Strzelec, Zielona Góra)

Latest works.

HW77 LP EVO stock, luxus turkish walnut wood, matt oil finish.

HW95, LP ClassicT stock, "reptile" green laminate, adjustable buttpad.

3x LP TAC2 stocks made for BSA Scorpion, fully adjustable, custom engravings.

BSA Scorpion with LP TAC2 stocks and Kalibrgun Cricket in action.

More pictures in last albums in gallery!

LP Rapier Luxus
Model LP Rapier Luxus

Stock made to fit HW85/95/98.

NEW! LP EVO and LP Rapier stocks avilable to order!

New models avilable to order!!!
Happy to present You LP Rapier and LP EVO stocks.
Avilable for HW95/98/85 and HW 77/97 series.


Few news to share.
LP Oil kit avilable out now, also at Maurice Drummen & Zn shop in Netherlands.

Sinner Giant cal. 58 Premiere 2013!!!!
Im happy to present You the newest fruit of cooperation with Maurice Drummen& ZN and LP Works Łukasz Pietruszka!

Premiere for 2013
in my LP BR1 benchrest stock.


New slideshow..

Im happy to present newest compilation of my works in one big slideshow.
15 minutes of chosen works avilable in HD.
Hope You will like it.

LP CS1 tactical for DZ Sinner airgun.
Tactical stock in diffrent colour schemes than standard.
LP CS1 tactical "blood hand" black matt/blood red colour scheme.
LP CS1 tactical "desert fox" desert sand matt/coyote brown colour scheme.

More pics of LP CS1 Tactical stock made for DZ Sinner airgun.
Link to album

DZ Sinner stocks manufactured by LP Works
LP Works presents stocks range manufactured for DZ Sinner airgun.

Picture thanks to Marco from Netherlands and His tactical Sinner setup.


Official "Sinner" 308 premiere, IWA 2012, Norymberg

Finally! I am extreemly happy and honoured to announce that effect of cooperation between
Maurice Drummen & Zn. / Dillon Precision Europe, Netherlands and "LP Works" Łukasz Pietruszka , Poland - finally had an happy premiere at IWA 2012 Exhibition at Norymberg in Germany.
Im presenting You "Sinner" bigbore airgun!

Read more!!

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Maurice Drummen & Zn. / Dillon Precision Europe

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